Frozen Wastes Tileset Issues

Hi, everyone. Just wondering, has anyone noticed an apparent problem with the ‘Frozen Wastes’ tileset? I made a small area in a module using this tileset and when I played my module and went to that area it looked… ugh. The snow/ice was all gone from the rock, and where the terrain is flat there are just squares that are plain black or white. Tried adjusting the video settings in all sorts of ways – enable/disable vsync etc. Nothing seemed to work. Anyone else got the same problem or knows how to fix it? Thanks.

1)NWN or NWN:EE?
2) What haks or overrides are you using beyond the core game?

  1. NWN (Diamond Edition).
  2. None. I did recently install CEP 2.65, but did not use it in the module I made.

By the way, my system uses an AMD Radeon HD 5670. Don’t know if it might have something to do with it…

Check your advanced video settings and make sure “texture animation” and “visual effects high” are enabled.

They already are. Didn’t seem to help. :frowning:

But thanks for the suggestion all the same. Think maybe I’ll just remove that area from my module and use another tileset…