FUBAR - A Seriously HUGE Hak/Override Mod

FUBAR v1.0 Stable is now available from Pstemarie’s Custom Content

Before reporting issues, please check FUBAR Bugs - Google Sheets for a list of documented and resolved issues. If the “Fixed?” column is marked, it means the issue has been fixed and the release version it will be fixed in is listed in the “Build Version” column.

Note, v1.1 is NOT available yet.

In the meantime, I have uploaded a hotfix to my site that addresses the issues listed. If you are playing the OC, make sure you also download “FUBAR OC Fix” - this addresses issues specific to the OC.

If you are having issues with TonyK AI, see the included documentation and check the TonyK AI page on my site for more information.

I downloaded your FUBAR_v1_Hotfix_3.7z from the discord chat.

I agree with the fix for the charmed merchants. This bug was introduced in version 1.0 of the AI when the charmed merchant feature was added in SoU and not properly merged into the AI.

The change to remove the SignalEvent in the creature OnDeath script seems to have been done by someone after the 1.08 version. I recommend the OnDeath scripts gets changed back to the original 1.08 version:

    // NOTE: the OnDeath user-defined event does not
    // trigger reliably and should probably be removed
        SignalEvent(OBJECT_SELF, EventUserDefined(1007));

The version I saw also removed the craft_drop_items call from the original 1.08 release code.

Looking back over the incremental updates I’ve done to FUBAR, that was probably me when I merged your AI into the CPP. In any event, it will be fixed in v1.1 and I’ve updated the notation on my site.

FUBAR v1.1 is up on my site - Pstemarie’s Custom Content as well as
Project FUBAR 1.1 | The Neverwinter Vault

I’ve also decided to give the Vault uploader another shot. IF it finishes uploading, I’ll post the link here.


This is a mashed together compilation of the Community Patch, Project Q IV, and a bunch of other stuff I’ve thrown together for a module I’m working on. I also use it as an override when I play. It includes overrides for most of the creatures and many placeables (some completely new models, others just higher-poly versions of the originals), pbr (aka fancy) maps for just about everything in the game, a bunch of new stuff, not to mention all the fixes from the Community Patch., and TonyK’s Henchman Inventory & Battle AI v1.08. Some highlights:

  • Numerous fixes to spells
  • Eye of Gruumsh and Shou Disciple prestige classes
  • Mighty Rage now functions as an extension of Rage, meaning ALL rages are “mighty rages” when a Barbarian has this feat
  • New critical and weapon proficiency feats for the lance and trident
  • Dwarves now gain proficiency with the Dwarven Waraxe for free
  • New favored enemies for Rangers (oozes and plants)
  • New baseitem models for boots, books, cloaks, miscmed, potions, etc.
  • Updated models and PBR mapping for nearly ALL of the creatures and placeables in the game
  • Model, pathfinding, and other fixes for several tilesets as well as PBR maps for ALL tilesets in the game
  • Several new heads to choose from at character creation
  • TonyK’s Henchman Inventory & Battle AI, featuring:
    • More intelligent companions
    • More finite control over companions
    • Access to companion inventory
    • Enemies act more intelligently, utilizing their full abilities in combat and rushing to aid allies

As a builder, you gain access to all of the above plus the following additional benefits:

  • More than 100 new monsters to confound your players - all listed on the standard palette, including:
    • 40 new horses including Cauchemars and Skeletal steeds
    • 16 new oozes and puddings
    • Carrion Crawler
    • Otyugh and Neo-otyugh
    • Roper
    • Rust Monster
  • More than 150 new placeables to decorate your areas - all listed on the standard palette, including:
    • Awnings
    • Dungeon dressing
    • Farm crops and food bins
    • Market stalls and assorted goods
    • Smithing equipment and tools
    • Thickets and Trees
  • Expanded features, groups, and terrain for Castle Exterior Rural and other tilesets.
  • New waypoint markers, allowing you to easily identify a waypoint visually without having to open its properties.
  • More finite control over creature behavior using TonyK’s Henchman Inventory & Battle AI.

For a full list of what’s included, see the documentation (note, I am in the process of updating the CPP and TonyK’s AI documentation to reflect changes made to them in FUBAR).

Requirements: NwN EE patched to v87.8193.36.36 (Development Build).

Coming in v1.2…

Several new PC races:

*Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Genasi

These are implemented as full races, so no janky itemproperies attached to the creature skin as seen with other subrace systems. Choose them during character generation just like you a would a normal race.

The half-ogre uses its own custom models - a complete rebuild of Issig - The Whole Half-Ogre | The Neverwinter Vault

Plus, a slew of other content…