FUN SCREENSHOT: Party On! (Nothing Like A Good Party!)

Hi All,

My wife is currently play testing the latest Scroll campaign files … and she showed me the size of her party. As a form of testing she randomly picks a party from all those PCs she has created across the various play testing of the module. This time around she randomly selected (from a bowl of names), 2 x rangers, 1 x druid, 1 x bard, 1 x wizard and a cleric. They have reached level four and she summoned everything she could (inc Animal Comanions) … And she says that there is potential for more coming along once she has everything she is after with additional henchmen and other summons!

Obviously she does not normally have them all around at once, but it is quite impressive to see the full crew!

NOTE: I cut and paste the last four on the list (for the image) to show in one line, as there were too many to show in one go …