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I believe we all know about Georg commenting on Shandra being our wife, right? And Elanee getting jealous at that? For those that don’t know, I read on the Wikia that if you have the Ladies’ Man background, Georg would think Shandra is your wife and she and Elanee would get surprised at the assumption, leading Georg to think we’re having a threeway with them and promising to keep it a secret.

Now we’re not here to talk about whether or not Georg can keep a secret, but about the validity of this cutscene. Given that every time I played the game I always asked about the Swamp Elf, leading Georg to always talk about it whenever we come back in Act 2, I tried an experiment and didn’t ask him for the story about it, hoping I’d get the threeway scene without needing the LM BG.

When I got back a while ago in Act 2, however, he immediately reverted to the Swamp Elf despite me having never talked about it with him. No, the LM BG didn’t help. However, I ran another test by removing Elanee and Sand (since Sand also triggers the Swamp Elf banter) from the party, and viola, the threeway scene played. But right after Shandra spoke, the entire dialogue ended abruptly. Then I tried one last test, putting Elanee in the party as Georg spoke about Shandra being our wife, and amazingly, after Shandra spoke, Elanee spoke naturally, and Georg assumed it was a threeway just fine, and I didn’t even have the LM BG.

My OCD prompted me to have this done in my playthrough and future playthroughs, and if y’all suffer the same issue, here’s your solution.

Or just get the NWN2_Plot_Fixes mod.

Or just get the NWN2Fixes mod.

Polly want a cracker?

they’re different

one enforces gay romances the other doesn’t

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“Or just get the NWN2_Plot_Fixes mod”

Oh dear lord no.

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That’s not right. When I played with a female KC, he looked at Bishop and Casavir.

Oh gorsh, Scooby