Further assistance on GenerateNpcTreasure

Hi, i’m trying to tweak the npc drops with no success. What I’ve tried so far is to edit “nw_c2_default9”, added #include “nw_o2_coninclude” to the script, replaced CTG_GenerateNpcTreasure with regular GenerateNpcTreasure. No success. I’ve also tried to tweak the “nw_o2_coninclude” to make sure the npcs drop more gold and items. Maybe i’m failing to do so due to the vast number of lines of code. I’ve also tried to rename “nw_c2_default9” and “nw_o2_coninclude” to make sure it’s not a problem with being unable to edit and replace default scripts. Much head scratching in this matter.

Kind regards
Gordon Svärd

What results are you getting and what are you trying to change?

What im trying to do in my test module is make a level one zombie drop some loot based on its level. What happends now is when the zombie dies it drops nothing.
I preferably want to edit the standard scripts since im using a spawn script that uses the standard palette of resrefs

You have tried making a custom Zombie? i.e. Right click standard Zombie, select Edit Copy from the menu then Advanced tab and check the Leaves Lootable Corpse checkbox. After that set the Treasure Model to whatever you want (in other words do not leave it at Default). Edit the name tag and resref. Press OK.

The other thing I want to check is that you’ve got The Guide to Building Volume 1 - The Toolset Manual and other tutorials linked to in this thread.


Are you placing the zombie in the toolset or having it spawn during the game?
If you are placing the zombie in the toolset, you can edit what it will drop at that time by putting things in the inventory and setting the check-box to leave a lootable corpse.
If you are having it spawn during the game, you can edit it’s spawn script to put items into it’s inventory and set it to drop its inventory upon death.