Further PBR Tileset Add-On Experiments (EE Only)

Rather than spam this site with further experiments of this type, I have created a project page for such things - Further PBR Tileset Experiments (EE Only). Currently there are 6/7 (see project page for explanation) add-on PBR haks (with demo modules) on that page. I may well add further PBR haks for existing tilesets in the future. This page will also, hopefully, remind people of really good (OK maybe a not-so-good one too) tilesets that may have slipped off their radar. The tilesets used are -

D20 Modern Modification - Netspace Tileset (original version)
Netspace/Virtual Reality Tileset (“fixed version” of previous)

Special Note my hak works with both of the above

DLA Sewer Tileset
Heed’s Ship Decks
Service Ducts
Ship Interior Tileset
Cellar Tileset

As these are experiments not all are as successful as I would like (hint I can see very little to no difference with a couple of them), but try them anyway and make up your own mind.

For this batch I chose tilesets that weren’t simple retextures and were relatively small. Comments and suggestions for other old tilesets to get this treatment are welcome in this thread.