G1-3 Against the Giants- beta testers wanted!


Fire Beetle needs corpse lootable TRUE.
Fire Snake needs corpse lootable TRUE.
Hell Hound needs corpse lootable TRUE.

Area: fg_l1
A scroll container on the floor in tile 14,8 cannot be accessed. Needs Hit Points set to more than 0.
This I wasn’t sure of, but the Fire Infused Troll has 100% immunity to fire, yet I believe I killed it with a fire based weapon. Recommend changing its OnDamaged event to be killed by acid or cold.


The stairway transition going down from fg_l1 goes to the wrong corresponding stairwell in fg_l2. This was reported by Sawdust37.

Area: fg_l2
The arcane circle placeable in tile 8,1shimmers as you you move by it. Set its Z position to 0.01.
The armoir in tile 4,10 is inaccessible. Set its hit points to more than 0.


Area: fg_l3 - The 2 placed trolls are set to faction neutral. Thus they don’t fight.

Into the Underdark next! Looking forward to that :slight_smile:

Thanks for your hard work, Bealzebub!


thanks for the awesome list travus, I’m really glad there were no game breakers.
It’s funny, after all this time, I never knew about setting the corpse lootable to TRUE to solve the lootbag in the ground thing. I can remember an indepth discussion about it on the old bioware Forums where no solution was found. The work around was to set a companion to auto-pickup and they can get the stuck bags. I think this will work much better.
thanks again for taking the time to test my .mod. It was your videos of my slave lords project that inspired me to finish this .mod after a two year break


Hey Sawdust37, thanks for taking the time to test my .mod. I hope you enjoyed it.
I really liked your suggestions and will implement most. I especially liked the ogres hording food side-quest suggestion.
I will try to add more “flavor” to the conversations, but I have to admit I have a really hard time. I love the technical aspects of making a .mod but when it comes to creative conversation writing, it’s like pulling teeth. I’m good at following directions, not writing them.
Your suggestions helped a lot and gave me some good ideas, so thanks again. I really appreciate your time.


I enjoyed it. I think once you flesh out a few things it will be a real pleasure to play (much like the Slavers series).


Just downloaded and started ran into two things, but not any show stoppers.

  1. when taking to the cohorts to join your party some time they will join right away, other times they will tell you to use the guestbook. But if you ask again they join.

  2. I am using Tcho’s UI and the Character screen still uses standard one. It’s not a problem but I thought I’d mention it.


Thanks for the info jonesr, adding it to my list now.


Just into my second night of testing but I wanted to note the really nice outdoor areas. Very good balance of aesthics and playability. Kudos.


Against the Giants v 0.3 Beta Test Notes

Starting Party recycled from Icewind Dale playthrough.

Rogue 5/Bard 7
Ranger 12
Cleric 12
Wizard 12

Fully equipped w/ assorted +2 to +5 gear. Party had enough starting xp to reach level 13 at the second ‘west road’ area. (Gorgeous terrain by the way. Excellent balance of natural look vs manageable for the player. Kudos.)

As previously noted, Ogre Mages need to be set to “lootable”.


Area - Refugee Camp

Trader/store at the river - L12 characters can’t effectively use “Deadly” class traps, chance of success between 40% and -10%. At this level, provide ‘strong’ spike traps and ‘average’ for all others.

Q: Are rations intended to be required for rest?

Area - Istivin

Opportunity: Party shows Algorthas the letters recovered from the slavers. Improves role playing.

Issue: No one in Istivin sells crafing molds.

Area - Steading Main Level

Chief’s lockbox should probably be locked.

Area - Steading Lower Level

Manitcors meow like cats. (Okay if you want comedy here because it was hilarious!)

Dove’s Harp can be used by anyone, not just Bards.

Orc Slaves, If/After you free Chief Murag, each batch of miners you free should run away. (What are they mining by the way? Could be worth saving some for crafting.)

Henchmen vs companions - Oaklock and Mongo can’t be armed/armored even though you have a lot of spare gear at this point. Also I wasn’t able to add/dismiss them from the party roster screen.

In the armory area, there is a placeable wooden shield with a bad blueprint, when you try to interact with it, the game returns “wooden shield, unknown placeable”.


Area - Lower Rift Caves

The skill check to locate the secret door in the East wall is for Spot. Most players will search using a thief indoors with Search skill. You may want to check for both skills to cover all players.

Ogre Magi Room, There is a bread basket you can highlight but needs a hit point to interact with.


Area - First set of lava fields, the transition to the next area just says “new area transition”. I think the second one does too but I forgot to write it down.

Area - Main Floor, there is a placeable scroll in the library near the Gnolls quarters with blueprint error, no hitpoints.

Area - L3, There are two non-hostile trolls in the lairs at the east end of this area.


Some of the areas have generic display names to the player, “L2”, “L3”, etc. Might want to go with something more descriptive.

Some of the placeables like the lovely Drow temple on L2 probably deserve a little player description for ‘color’. The alter was quite good in that regard.

Game Play

My party was a little overpowered starting at level 13 with too much +4/+5 gear so I can’t really judge the fights although they seemed well designed. You may want to limit the number of blue diamonds, beljurils, and king’s tears available to limit the +5 weapons and armor and +8 belts,etc. the players can make.

Overall, this is one of the cleanest Betas I’ve ever seen. Really excellent work.


I’ve made thru Hill Giant Steading and here are a few thing I’ve noticed (I tried not to list something that others let you know about.

-Spiders leave glowing spot behind when they die


  • Sharla conversation ends with “mind your own business” and second option might be available for good or polite neutrals.

G1 Level 1

-pet bears, dire wolves leave glowing spot behind when they die

G1 level 2

-Dire Spiders and Carrion Crawlers leave glowing spot behind when they die

-Slave Orc Map Pin has “Place text Here”

-Shield in Fire Giant room when clicked on gives message “Give unknown placeable w_she_wood Don’t know to map item”

I really think you have captured the feel of this series it kind of felt like I was going thru it with my friends sitting around the table in their basement 30 plus years ago. It will be after Christmas before I will be able to finish testing it for you.


I’m very grateful for all the great info, I’ve been hard at work updating all the areas. You guys are really helping make this a better .mod.


@GCoyote, the rations are used for rest depending on the module settings in the registry book. I am going to make supply based rest default but haven’t gotten to it yet.


Cool. I know not everyone likes food/resting systems and it’s good you are giving the players the option.


I got delayed enough I don’t have much to do, based on what I have read…

I am playing through now. Most of the things I have noticed have already been reported. So far I am towards the end of the Steading.

When you have more than one of the released prisoners from the Steading with you and go to a save, you lose one. I kept Mungo and lost Oaklock.

The stairs that go up to the kitchen are not there. There is just a door floating about five feet up.

I really like your outdoor areas.


I Just finished up. Here is my input, hopefully not repeating what anyone else has said:

I think fleshing out the hirelings you can pick up along the way would benefit the mod even though they are temporary.

Having Olgani in the party when returning to town, during a siege by giants should probably elicit some sort of reaction.

One of the commoners wandering the city is a drow.

Hall of the Fire Giants level 2:
Entering the level places you at the stairs down rather than the stairs back up.
An armoire in the mid western side is inaccessible.

Hall of the Fire Giants level 3
One of the trolls in the northeast does not go hostile. Same with one of those farther south.

I found the mod quite enjoyable. A blast from the past. I look forward to the drow side of this series.


Hi Quixal,
thanks for the input, I’m really glad you liked it.
Thanks to everyone here, I’ve been working on several side quests and adding more RP type stuff as I fix all the bugs you folks find.
I’m looking forward to the drow stuff too. When I finish the series I want to release it all as one campaign “Queen of the Spiders”


Potentially allowing you to play the same party though the entire series! Sweet.


I’ve already got my campaign planned out start with The Crystalmist Campaign for 1st level character development, then the Slavelords, Against the Giants, then Queen of the Spiders.


I would have started with the Temple of Elemental Evil, then Slavelords, Against the Giants, then Vault of the Drow and the Queen of the Spiders can be used also. Although The Temple of Elemental Evil in NWN2 is set in the Forgotten Realms. That is how they grouped them in the 80’s. That would be my preference. Although jonesr65 would work too.