G1-3 Against the Giants- beta testers wanted!


before I started Against the giants, I thought about making Temple of Elemental Evil as a Slave Lords Prequel, until I saw someone had already made a version. I even had a Village of Hommlet area completed.
If I complete Queen of the Spiders, it will include G1-3 Against the Giants, D1–2 Descent into the Depths of the Earth, D3 Vault of the Drow, and module Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits


If you did Temple you could set it into the world of Greyhawk. There are at least 3 versions in NWN1 in the Hall of Fame. I’m currently playing the Temple mod again. I can’t wait to see you fixes of the Slaver series.


The existing NWN2 Temple of Elemental Evil was created by someone with a… very specific vision. GCoyote has put up a modified version that softens the edges of the choices made but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea even so. I would read up on it before putting it in your plans.


I know Quixal, GCoyote did a good job RPing the modules. This why I’m replaying the modules.:grinning:


I also had a village of Hommlet done . . . 80 percent but life got in the eay


Got time to visit the Frost Giants and noticed

G2 Level 1 and 2
-Winter wolves and Ogre Magi leave glowing spot behind when they die

L2 not sure where it was at, but there was a placeable bucket that glowed blue but couldn’t open it.

Crafting up weapons and armor before heading to Fire Giants. On the crafting I’m using TCC 2.04 so making the essences I need takes some time but do able. I buy lots Fairy dust from Algorthas convert it to an essences then combine 2 faint one to make 1 weak and so forth. It might be easier for Algorthas to carry essences or some different regents to convert to essences.


Just finished last night and want to say I enjoyed it very much. I went back over all the previous and only came up with 1 problem and a couple of suggestions. You might need to check the prisoners factions. When I came around to where the elves were imprisoned the cloud giants came at me, then the elves destroyed their cell door and attacked the giants getting themselves killed. This broke the elven princess quest, I had just saved before that so I reloaded and came at that area a different way allowing me to free the elves. But I noticed a group of dwarves breaking out on their own too.
I noticed some of the placeables when destroy by area magic attacks leave their remains behind underground.

On the overland and city maps it might be nice to add a map pin after you find a cave entrance or when you meet and talk to a merchant.

The same thing in each of the Giant Lairs a map pin after you find it might be nice for a few spots like the great halls, leaders bedroom, kitchens and treasure rooms.

Other than that I think you did an excellent job. I did use the character I used to the slave lords, started off as Drow Elf 12/1 Wizard/Fighter ended as 15/1 Wizard/Fighter.


Thaks for your time jonesr. I’m glad you liked it.
I’ve been busy combing through and making tweaks, I’m almost to the end. With everyone’s input I think this may be my first bug free release.
Thanks again!


You just jinxed it, you know…


me and my big mouth! dang.


I kid. Actually the version we all tested was a lot more finished than most first tests I have done. Maybe more bug free already than a fair share of finished mods on the vault. That corpse under the floor issue, for example, plagues many to this day.


G1-3 Against the Giants is up and running!

Thanks again to all the beta testers. I took your suggestions to heart, fixed many issues, and added a lot of content. I hope everyone enjoys my work.


Glad to hear it. I will give it another run this weekend.


The following dialog files using ga_journal are referencing journal entries that don’t exist. Thus blank entries show up in the journal:



what the heck? Suddenly half of the journal categories are just gone. It’s always something.

I uploaded a new campaign folder to fix the issue. thanks travus.


I’m going through it again. I’ll post as I find things.


I just downloaded the newest version and will post anything I find.


Almost done with a second run-through; found a few bugs:

Area wr1_west_road1:
The “wr1_onenter_moverolf” script does not fire the “myla_free” part if controlling a companion. Change this line
if (GetLocalInt(oPC, "myla_free")!= 1)
to this
if (GetLocalInt(GetFirstPC(), "myla_free")!= 1)

Area wr1_cave1:
If the meat slab container is destroyed, its contents are under the floor. Set to plot TRUE.

Area wr3_javan_river:
The bandit supplies crate pile will not fire its convo if controlling a companion. Set the crate pile “Can Talk to Non-Player-Owned Creatures?” to FALSE.

Area wr3_ogres:
Display name is set to “Area3”.
Also, if the box with the rations is destroyed, its contents are under the floor. Set to plot TRUE.

Area wr4_farm:
Speaking to the well again after rescuing Timmy starts the same convo as if Timmy is still in the well. It also creates another instance of Timmy at the end of the convo.

Area istvin:
Speaking to Timmy multiple times causes the same convo to start again and re-awarding XP and the gem.
Timmy will not appear if you were controlling a companion when entering this area. In the “is_onenter” script, comment out this line
if (!GetIsPC(oPC)) return;
Also change this line
if (GetLocalInt(oPC, "wr4_timmy")!= 1)
to this
if (GetLocalInt(GetFirstPC(), "wr4_timmy")!= 1)
A successful diplomacy check with Fodem causes some of the skeletons to leave. Unsure if all of them were supposed to leave? If not, the remaining skeletons do not fight when Fodem attacks. Should they have?

Area is_templepelor:
The deacon does not give you any gold for the symbol, though he says he does.

Area steading_barracks:
There are 4 chests with contents in this area. Set them all to plot TRUE. Else, if they are destroyed, their contents are under the floor.


Thanks travus!


Here are the last of the bugs I found:

Area gr_upper:
The placed Yeti Leader in tile 20,22 needs lootable corpse TRUE.

Area fg_l1:
The placed hell hounds in tiles 16,16 and 17,16 need lootable corpse TRUE.
The placed hell hound in tile 3,11 needs lootable corpse TRUE.

Area fg_l3:
The placed drow in tile 15,14 needs to be set to HOSTILE faction.
The placed Fire Beetle is tile 14,18 needs lootable corpse TRUE.

Firesnakes (bub_snakefire) need lootable corpse TRUE.

I really like the new side quests. They add a lot to the mod. Well done!
There amount of rations is just right - I ended up with 3 left at the end.
There seems to be a lot more loot. I had well over 100K and I could still sell more stuff if I wanted to. Not much to spend it on.

I think this is a great adventure! Thanks for the hard work you put into this. And I’m looking forward to the next mod in the Depths!