G1-3 Against the Giants- beta testers wanted!


I had power issues over the weekend and didn’t get as far as I had hoped. So far I have very little to report other than previously noted loot below the floor.

If you rescue Farmer Rolf’s wife but talk to his wife before him when you get back outside, She and her kid vanish, repeating the rescue dialogue. It all works fine if you talk to Rolf first after the rescue.

A hammer placeable on the main level of the hill giant steading that is probably meant to despawn when you loot the +2 warhammer from it remains.


There are some tile problems in the far west room on the 2nd level of the Hill Giants steading. Also in the far SW room of the same floor. Both tiles flicker. It is not a show stopping problem though.


Near the Kitchen with the Fire Giantess’ one of the Cave Bears when killed the item sinks into the floor. Also in the White Dragon Lair if you take the treasure one at a time, you get the gold say, but not the rest it will sink into the floor. Sorry for the lateness my last computer failed.


New to the forum, huge fan of NWN2 and just getting my feet wet in modding. Curious if beta-testers are still needed for this. I’d be willing to give it a run thru. Please let me know, thanx.


Welcome to the forum and good luck with the modding.
Thanks for the testing offer, but this project has been released and is available on the vault. You can still play through and post any bugs you may find though. I swear, every time you think you got them all, there’s always one more.


This doesn’t break the modules. The treasure chest in the room behind the kennel sinks into the floor if destroyed. Sorry this is in G-3. Level 2


thanks! More things on my list…