Game crashes / updater

Game crashes as i try to leave the sunken flagon pub. I noticed that my game isn’t up to date and wondered if this was the reason why?

If someone could please talk me through how to manually patch game as my updater won’t let me do it automatically, it would be apppreciated

how to manually patch game

It depends on what official expansions you have installed and what is your current version of the game ( I can help you if you provide this info.

just got the storm of zehir installed.

As for version, top of updater screen says game version is 1.20.1541 english, bottom of screen says NWUpdate version 1.17…

I don’t recall having this problem pre putting storm of zehir on. would taking that off help? although i would like to play that at some point too, and it wouldn’t help actually updatiing game at all.

Download patches manually:

Install them one by one using the standard NWUpdate or you can use NWN2 Patcher by tnt220 for quick installation of multiple patches.

There is also

A quote from the Old Vault:

Q: I see four 1.22 patches for NX2.

Where does the modfix patch come in?? Do I install it after the second patch but before the third?

A: The modfix needs only be applied if you did NOT patch MOTB to 1.22 before.
In that case you can apply it any time.
If you patched MoTB to 1.22 than installed SoZ the modfix is not needed.

So if you don’t have the MoTB installed, you don’t need this one, I guess.


Thank you for your assistance. Finally managed to patch the game and it now works for the moment.

Very much appreciated.

Do I need to patch the gog edition?

Says 1.023 (1765) Final Aug 17 2009

^ Nope, that was the final officially patched version.


Where can I get all the 2da files? I’d like to override some things…