Game-stopping bug: Vale freaking DIED!

During the ritual that Black Garius is performing at Crossroad Keep, the NPC Vale died. After finishing the fight I chose to stay and loot the corpses; Vale ended up dying for some reason and now I can’t go back to Castle Never to progress the story. All the exits from inside Crossroad Keep are unusable saying something about being unusable.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be the option to skip to different chapters, like in NWN1.

Any help would be great. Thanks

Hi there. From a bit of googling around Vale is supposed to stay at 1hp but it can bug out. You could raise him I guess, as some other people suggest.

Open your console and type the following.

DebugMode 1
giveitem nw_it_spdvscr501
DebugMode 0

This will give you a scroll of raise dead.

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This has happened to me too in the past. I always make a save right before the battle, He is not protected from dying and it is game over if he dies. I am not sure if he can be raised but try it. Post if that works.

That item code you gave me worked! I debugged myself and got some Raise Dead scrolls & they raised Vale from the dead. Thank you soooo much!!


found it …

And here I was just thinking it was impossible.

No problem. I actually googled the answer :slight_smile: . On the technical side, usually when one wants a creature to stop at 1 HP he makes said creature immortal to ensure he lives. I don’t know if Vale is, or if he isn’t why they chose to leave him mortal.

I don’t think they chose to leave him mortal, i think it is a bug. you see, when those guys join the party they are spawned from blueprints that are immortal/plot … but the same guys in the basement are not the same instances. The original guys are left upstairs and get replaced by placed instances that are already waiting downstairs. And those guys are not immortal/plot, and I believe it was an oversight on the part of the person who changed the OnEnter script because this is its header:

// 2330_cli_enter
    on enter for basement
// ChazM 9/15/05
// EPF 1/13/06 -- the three named MSC are preplaced now, so they're not all jumping in.

the decision to put preplaced guys happened ~4 months after the original scene was scripted – meaning that originally, the PC was going into battle with the immortal/plot guys … and somebody overlooked the simple fact that, hey, Vale had better not croak

( ironically i saw another script that calls MakeConversable() on Sevann … they could have done that to Vale also )

tldr its the OC /shrug

ps. “fixed” in the latest Nwn2Fixes package