Gawds is party ai that horrible?

At the 2nd orc location at old owl well.

I grabbed 6 in my party so far but 5 of them are acting like dumbells while the paladin goes off bashing orcs… any way to fix em…

I do believe my rig can handle many companions.

got Tony’s Ai yet?

Gonna try that out.

It was fine early on until Qara joined. as if they were waiting for her to loose fireballs first.

You should disable melee’ combat on Qara’s Behavior tab and select “back away’” to keep her out of direct combat. Set her spell use to power casting or overkill and she should be fine.

tried the override version and they still act like dumbbells… the paladin is the only one charging off.

uh, toggle the AI off/on and reissue commands?

OMG how stupid I can be. I must have mucked around their behavior settings by mistake

Defend master is causing everyone to stick to the PC - I think this shouldnt even be part of behavior if it works so badly…

The dwarf and tiefling have ranged atk on, melee off and dont carry any ranged at all.

The sorcerer had ranged on.

Changed all that and now they happily run off to kill things.

Now need to look over the sorcerer and druid.

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sweet lolz

if i remember right, DefendMaster kicks in only if the master is being (or about to be) attacked

it should perhaps be a subfunction of AttackNearest - ie, attack nearest if master is not being attacked, but once master is being attacked run to his/her assistance …

Arghhh everytime I change char to check inventory the behavior keeps changing… any way to make behavior settings stick?

try using a duplicate file checking app to check your /Override for dupe files

(behavior settings should stick…)

The only mod i have is Tony’s.

That should not be causing any problems right?

well, thousands of peepls use it and i’ve been reading nwn2 boards for years and can’t remember anyone mentioning settings-per-character not holding

so it’s probly at yer end, although you could try turning off “auto set of companion behaviors (global)” and playing around with the Save/Load/Reset buttons at the bottom of the Behaviors page - although iirc those don’t store per-character settings … I think they’re for the ‘global’ ai-variables only

I guess I’ll just have to muck around the behaviors.

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Alrite they all seem to be working now… except the dwarf monk refuses to fight barehanded,…