Generic Edge Tiles

It was either the 1.68 or 1.69 update that changed things. Before then, if you had a tileset without edge tiles, the skybox would begin where the placed tiles ended. For a number of reasons this was actually useful behaviour. However, one of the two previously mentioned updates altered this behaviour. Now (including with EE) that behaviour no longer applies. Instead the skybox starts at some point in the distance and you can actually look over the edge at some renderer construct way below you.

To me this brings the need for generic edge tiles. The problem here being the need for some form of tileable design to place on said edge tiles especially for single tile tilesets. Now I can do an all black, an all white and a checkerboard design but they are not really that satisfying. So I am asking for thoughts here. Is it possible to have a misty/foggy tile using particle effects? Any other ideas?