Get / SetItemModel — do these exist or work?

So I’m really new to the toolset and scripting (been playing NWN2 on a mac all these years). So I’ve been trying to find a simple way to change armor variation and came across the constants ARMOR_MODEL_PIECE_* in the toolset. Looking in the nwscript.nss file, these constants are listed under a note that says they are for use with the Get and SetItemModel functions. The note is dated 2009 (likely from SoZ). But those functions aren’t in the toolset, or mentioned anywhere in NWN lexicon and I can’t find anything on line about them. Does anyone know anything about them? Were they ever implemented? Thanks.

that’s an old reference to a script function from nwn1. nwn2’s engine lost the ability to swap model parts.

Weird, especially since the note in nwscript.nss is from 2009. Plus I thought the NWN1 function was CopyItemAndModify, which uses different armor parts constants (and in NWN2 will in fact copy an item but not modify it). Was SetItemMdel maybe some that was to get added for SoZ but never actually was?

after a bit of looking,

these functions were def. intended for Nwn2


( 'cause all 23 armormodel pieces are listed as constants in nwscript.nss )

But my global search for any use of the functs turned up null …

y, that’s unfortunate we never got those

Semper’s correct about any nwn1-related model functions though; they are still in nwn2 but do nada. To change a model, the entire object needs to be destroyed and recreated … as far as im aware

Thanks KevL_s

That’s what I suspected. I’m now busy making 38 different armor blueprint so I can create each by tag. Oh well. Those would indeed have been nice to have.

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