GetFirstPC/GetNextPC internal list order

I think it’s safe to assume that the list is built in order of players joining the server, at least initially. That is, GetFirstPC() will return the host. The first call to GetNextPC() will return the next player to join the server after the host, etc. But is the list ever rebuilt, or the order subject to change?

I really want it to be valid to assume that GetFirstPC() will ALWAYS return the host in a MP game (not talking about a dedicated server).

Checked the function in the Lexicon, but it is silent on that subject. It’s possible nobody really knows for sure.

Afaik GetFirstPC returns the last player that logged in, hence the host of a MP singleplayer module with be the last.

Eitherway the solution is to store first player entering module into local variable “HOST” stored on module and retrieve it from there, then there is no mistake possible no matter how many players logs in and off again.

I don’t remember how is called but there is a function to get the host of the game.

Something like GetPrimaryPlayer()