GetIsPlayerCreated - Variable Corruption! (Solved)

Hi All,

It may just be down to a lot of changes, but I have noticed that the GetIsPlayerCreated function can “lose” its TRUE value between reloads. In the same “corruption”, I have noticed that a main PC can also “lose” their last name. In testing, the PCs in question (created at the start - not the Main PC), upon checking, no longer reported TRUE for this check, but were still in the roster. I can see the change between two saved games that my wife was playing. And while it did not have any obvious affect until close to when she was finishing the game, it did become an issue. (I intend to write a game check for such corruption moving forward.)

I am NOT sure how or why this can happen, but mention it in case anyone else has also spotted this, or if it is already “known”?

I’ll be back around Monday. Until then, do let me know if anyone has noticed anything similar.

Thanks, Lance.

Did you tried adding a DelayCommand to that function? From my understanding, all of the members of a party except for the party leader are removed/re-added upon saving/loading the game which lead to game-breaking bugs(i have encountered a lot), knowing that, it is possible that the function GetIsPlayerCreated is being executed before the party member is re-added.

Hi Chofranc,

Thanks for responding. I did just manage to finally find the “problem”.

The variable is “lost” when you dismiss a created PC, even if you invite them back into the party. I was not aware of that, and is worth knowing.

I also discovered why my Last Name issue came back. It was due to GetIsPC function returning FALSE if the player is possessing a different PC for a certain function call. The error was introduced in v2.88!

Thanks, Lance.

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