I have a situation where I have a very old saved game that has some PCs that were created to play in my campaign.

The problem I have is that it appears you cannot export a PC unless GetIsPlayerCreated passes TRUE, which appears to NOT be the case on a Main PC.

Whatever the reason for these PCs failing to export (they may have all been Main PCs once), I wondered if anybody knew what that particular variable may be so that I can allow the PCs to be exported properly.

NB: The PCs return TRUE as to being in the roster itself and their “names” are correctly returned.

The bottom line is: Is it possible to make a PC that currently fails to export due to missing this condition, have the condition added so they can be exported again?

Thanks in advance!

This probably won’t help you, @Lance_Botelle but I still put a link here to a discussion when I wanted to export my main PC. Maybe it will give you an idea or something, I don’t know:

And you can’t use console command and use something like a SetPlayerCreated? Or maybe such a function doesn’t exist?

it s possible to set an object as campaign NPC and to retrieve it in an other campaign.

But it wil be considered as an campaign asset, not a player character.


UPDATE: Whatever I have managed to do over the last couple of years since these PCs were created, all PCs created (including my Main PCs) can now be exported. (I tested more recent PCs since making this post.) I do not, however, understand what happened to make these old PCs “un-exportable”, unless it is to do with the variable I think may be missing.

However, the PCs I am still struggling to export (apart from these broken ones) are “companions”. I still cannot export companions that are part of the module that players can add to their party - which sounds like what you are trying to do. This makes sense I guess, as they were never player’s PCs to begin with.

With respect to the “old” PCs in my old saved game, I still think it is something to do with a hidden variable.

I may have to look into this some more, as maybe I did that to these earlier PCs when I knew less about this sort of thing. Is it something that can be “accidentally” applied to a player’s PC that prevents it from being exported? (In our case, the PCs are still playable and in a roster, but can no longer be exported, as though they were not created.)

UPDATE: I just tested if these PCs had become “campaign NPC”, but the debug returned FALSE, implying to me that was not the issue.

What I was trying to do when I created that thread was to see if I could export a player’s main PC and import it as an NPC into a new module.

I never used that however, since I found another, better, way to do things that fitted my module better. It’s still good to have that possibility with using kevL_s’ scripts.

Ah, I see. In that case, exporting to a local vault is possible (as far as I am aware), but it would be bringing the Main PC back into the game as an NPC that would require more work.

Did you manage this in the end. I see kevL wrote a script. Did it work as you intended?

Yes, I tried it out and it worked splendidly (as I reported in that thread). I never used it however, since that would have meant going back and request players to replay both ASW1 and ASW2 to be able to play ASW3. And I found that to be too much to ask of the player. And storywise, what I did instead, fitted much better to the overall story arch. I can’t tell what I did though since that is quite a big spoiler for ASW3.

OK, that makes sense … As you say, good to know it can be done though. :+1:

Absolutely! It’s really nice to go back and find kevL_s’ script if I should need it down the line.

Agreed … In the same way being able to export a module’s “companion” may be quite useful too, especially if players get attached to any of the ones you create.

Yeah, I remember back in the day using something called Persistent Companions by someone I don’t remember. It was really neat to have a great character/companion that was created outside of adventures to be imported into a module, and it worked really well. A lot of dialogue was written for this companion which made it really come alive, I remember. Back in those days I didn’t have a clue how the Toolset worked but I managed to get it working with their instrunctions anyway somehow. So they must have used some sore of export companion thing.

EDIT: Found it:

I even found the companion I used back then:

I tried looking in the toolset for functions for you to use for what you need but I really couldn’t find any. Maybe it’s some old hidden variable you’ve used, as you say, that has caused these problems for your old Main PCs.


I believe companion consistency (as you have said) is possible across a campaign, and I think there may also be some functions to help with that. We can even just respawn them in a new game if need be or have them come across from one module to another (which is what I currently do), but I would like to have the same simple “export” feature for them so we can just drag them back into a module when required.

Eg: I have a final saved game from my first module that we played as a group where I can load a new module with all the PCs currently involved, including any companions the party were using … But, as my code makes quite some use of the GetIsPlayerCreated, I am concerned there are areas where that “loss of PC identity” will cause me issues.

I first discovered the issue when I just wanted to test the old set of PCs in the new module from “afresh” without going from the old module saved game, and that is when I discovered they would not export. I later tried some newer saved games (my wife has a ton for me to test) and all those PCs exported as expected.

I just hope it’s something I can track down or fix. If not, I have pre-warned my players we may have to play the first module again. But as it was over two years ago, that’s not such a bad thing. At least I will then (hopefully) have access to the PCs to test module 2 in properly again.

EDIT: Just noticed your edited links, will check them out - Thanks! I am going to check them out to see if they suggest anything that may help.

Sounds really tricky to find out where things might have gone wrong then…

Very … I am just grateful my players are happy to replay the first module so I can get “fixed” PCs. I really would like to learn what the problem is though. :thinking:

This screenshot shows the issue … Note that there are three PC portraits on the right hand side, but the Party Editor only sees two. The PC called Elana is the broken PC that does not show here, or in other code.

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I managed to fix the PCs! Yeh!

Here is what I did … I located some “original” (first level and no equipment) exported PCs (of the broken ones) that were dated June this year. These are the steps I took …

  1. Loaded the old saved game with broken PCs, which acted like a new game, offering the Party Editor.
  2. Using the Party Editor offered, I added the SAME PCs to my party! (They were not listed as it stood.)
  3. After closing the GUI, no “extra PCs” were added, but the broken ones “flickered” and were somehow fixed, as I could then export them with correct levels and equipment!

I have no idea what had happened, but using the editor appeared to “add a layer of requirement” when it thought I had added the PCs for the first time, even though they were already in the game.

Sure enough, on testing an export, the PCs now exported with all correct levels and equipment. Yeh!

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Glad you got it solved.