Does anybody know what the GetJournalEntry function actually does? My guess was it returns the state of the plot assigned to a creature by the AddJournalQuestEntry function. But maybe it’s just an old holdover from NWN?

Leftover? The standard check of the journal generated by LilacSoul’s script generator is

int nInt;
nInt=GetLocalInt(oPC, "NW_JOURNAL_ENTRYtest");

if (nInt < 1)

Maybe it does that?

int GetJournalEntry( string szPlotID, object oCreature )

This returns the current journal Entry ID of the quest with tag szPlotID of the creature oCreature.

e.g. GetJournalEntry("quest_tag", GetFirstPC())

This appears to be exactly the same as:
int GetJournalQuestEntry(string sPlotID, object oCreature)
which resides in the ginc_journal include which does this:

    int iQuestEntry = GetLocalInt(oCreature, "NW_JOURNAL_ENTRY" + sPlotID);
 	return (iQuestEntry);

This is similar to what kamal mentioned that LilacSoul’s generates.

Okay, so it’s probably about what I guessed then, and the oObjectJournal variable only works with creatures. Thanks.