Getting missing resource error in CEP2.65


With any new projects (Using the NWN EE version) I always get the same compiling errors with CEP horses every time I build/rebuild modules, no matter if I install all of the CEP 2.65 haks or if I just install the core haks only.

E.G: creature ‘cep_unicorn.utc’ is missing resource nw_ch_aca.nss (most are the dla horse resources and the few others come from cep!). Where are these resources suppose to be located, in older CEP files?

you can ignore this, all vanilla summons, animal companions and familiars also have this missing script

alternatively create a script under this name and make it empty, there is no need to have any code for OnSpawn event for summoned creatures (though I wonder if the cep_unicorn is summoned creature, if he is not he should have the nw_c2_defaul* set of scripts instead)

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