Getting Permission on Converting Mods

I’m thinking on converting an existing NWN module that I really like, that is Candle in the Dark, to another game, Divinity Original Sin 2 as a custom adventure using its engine.

However, the authors of that module Robert and Donna Burson don’t appear to be active users on the vault anymore, so I can’t ask for permission directly. Would it be alright to proceed with what I’m going for?

My own personal view on this is that what you are proposing is no different to converting PnP modules to NwN. Go for it but give as much attribution as you can and be prepared to take it down if they do contact you. What have you got to lose? You’ll actually gain. You’ll gain the knowledge of how the original module was created and how the toolsets compare. When (I’ll not say if) you’ve finished you’ll gain the satisfaction of having created something even if the base plans are not yours.

Go for it.



I’ll go ahead with it the plan then, with slight alterations of course. I might even do a detailed comparison of both toolsets in the future once I’m done to show how different or similar they work. Thanks!

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Agreed. See guidelines. The project in question is “migrated”.

I’d only add that any Bioware assets in the mix are subject to the EULA.

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