Getting some help on the Occult Class troubleshooting with me!

I tried to use the Occultist class from the January 2018 CCC and i seem to be having some trouble getting it to work properly

has anyone been able to get the occultist to work for EE? I followed the instructions on the readme placing a hak, tlk into a module created the “occultist_inc” let it build and loaded it up and nothing works. I get the class icon and can select it and build my class or character but i dont see any of the spell feats pop up.

Are there items that are suppose to be included to get the spells? it says its feat based but i dont see anything show up. My character has the correct stats 16,16,16 upon creating the character since it says it utilizes int,wisd, charisma and auto leveleved to get the correct concentration and lore skills and still no spells pop up.

Update: did this on my diamond edition 1.69 and still didnt work, i created a new mod placed the hak, tlk, and created the “occultist_inc” script let the module build, even placed the script into a cache. loaded it it up and… still no spells, is this possibly broken?

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Hi Wall3t, I’m the author of the Occultist Class. I just tested it out and it fails for me also. I promise it worked a year ago, but at the moment I’m at a loss as to why it doesn’t.

I’m going to fix it but it will take awhile as I’m out with the flu right now.

Thanks for your interest!

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I’ve got a version that now works for me. PM me your email address and I’ll send you the beta for testing. One caveat – always select feats manually for both PCs as well as NPCs. The recommended feat process and the toolset level-up process are wonky with the feats. For this reason I also do not recommend henchmen.

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@ Grymlorde you know I’m having this same issue with some custom content for EE. Whenever I make new content, wether it be classes or creatures theres this slight chance it just simply does not work (although I did try this on Diamond, and the got the same result) It seems there must be some sort of correlation with the Aurora Engine doing this.

But yeah! that would be awesome! as long as it works I can work out the kinks and what-not

PM received and beta hak sent.

In the version I am using, the Occultist seems to be receiving Weapon Finesse and Zen Archery at start, but I thought there were supposed to receive Courteous Magocracy and Skill Focus Lore. Or am I misremembering?

Im currently using Grymlordes revised version, and it doesn’t seem to have those as feats. Although I couldn’t tell you tbh, since I’m using a much different version at this point, which @Grymlorde just to confirm it does indeed work!

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Just checked the 2da’s and Zen Archery and Weapon Finesse are listed for 1st level acquisition. Not a problem and is an easy fix.

However, I got to thinking: because it is feat based, how is DC determined, or effective caster level, spell duration, dispel DC, concentration checks, etc?