Global Faction box

  • heh* Me again…How does this work exactly? Leave it unchecked xfaction isn’t affected on area transition to the next map with creatures with same faction? Or how does the reputation toward pc work? I’ve left(global effect) unchecked but the same faction will become hostile in the next map( area transition). Thanks.

Normally, when that box is unchecked, faction members in other areas remain neutral to the PC (assuming the faction is initially neutral in the Faction Editor).

If that isn’t happening, some custom script might be turning them hostile, perhaps by changing the PC’s overall faction reputation.

When a PC attacks a faction member, they go hostile using personal reputation. Nearby faction members may do likewise, in response to shouts. However, there’s no guarantee that all faction members in the area will turn hostile unless you script a shift in their personal reputation.

Thanks Proleric for your response. Sorry so late with my acknowledgement. I think I got it fixed in the Faction Edit on the advanced props. Thank you!

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