Glove item supposedly doesn't register stats

Hi all. I run into this bug recently, and I am clueless about what’s causing it. I have a glove item looted which gives +3 to attack (I can’t remember if it’s an OC item or not). Equipping it changes nothing (At least on the stats shown). Same thing happens with another glove item which gives +1 DEX. I know more tests are needed, probably combat tests where I see the roll results but thought of asking anyway. Has anyone had such troubles with simple stat increases on item properties?

By any chance, do you have other items that give +attack or +DEX enchantment bonuses? Because this might just be a case of stats not stacking (which is how NWN2 works as intended).

Also, the +attack bonus on gloves might be for unarmed attacks only. Generally gloves are the “replacement” of weapons for unarmed attacks.

I’ll have to check. I have been building for so long that I forgot how the game is played :smiley:

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