GOG - Cloud Saves Possible for NWN1?

I game on two PCs and want to jump back into the same campaign from either computer. How can this be done?

Untested, just an idea. But I would try to point the savegame folder into google drive or onedrive. Google drive now has a windows10 explorer support and it shows as new disk drive so I suppose it could be done. Not sure how onedrive works, I uninstalled it.

Anyway, go into NWN user folder (documents/Nwn) open nwn.ini and change SAVES= to something like G:\My Drive\saves

then create a new campaign game or just open some random module and try save it and verify it the saves are in cloud. If they are it works, hence copy your old saves in userdir/saves to cloud.

And let me know if it worked :wink:

Good idea. I’ll give that a try. Thanks.