GOG EE Installation

I am looking for information about how GOG installs EE so I can ensure that NIT will support GOG.

This is the information I need after you have installed EE using GOG and starting EE at least once before adding custom mods…

  1. GOG Registry entry information (simply Export the relevant keys so I can see what entries are created).
  2. The Folders created by GOG to store EE’s published files (for Beamdog, this is the Library folder).
  3. A copy of GOG’s EE nwn.ini file.
  4. Any other information that you think may help me automate detecting an EE installation that has been performed via GOG.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

In particular, it would be helpful to know whether both the system and user folders are identical to the Beamdog version.

Given that GOG doesn’t support mod distribution, I’m hoping that’s the answer, because things are already quite complicated enough with Steam!

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From a post on the BD forums GOG Galaxy thread -

The big secret in setting up the GOG NWN EE to run the community stuff is that gog version has two folders;;the main folder and a folder in documents which seems to be set up deliberlty to handle community mods. Past the haks and other files from you Diamong edition in the NWN directory in documents, not the main program. I am sure you can find detailed instructions, if needed how to do that somewhere on this website.But so far, the CEp files seem to like the EE just fine.


Thanks for that information.

Seems to be like Beamdog’s implementation, but I really would like to know what folder is created Documents and the directory structure and location of the main folder that the post mentions.

Really hoping that someone who has installed the GOG version can shed some more light on this.

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Just asked if anyone’s tried it over on the BD GOG Galaxy thread.


Many thanks.

Has anyone installed GOG’s EE?

I am still looking for definitive information so I can provide support for GOG’s EE (see first post). At present, the Installer Tool does not allow GOG’s EE folders to be specified, so any help will be very much appreciated.

The official answer from Beamdog is that the default install folder for GOG is different - Program Files/GOG Galaxy/Games. However, the default folder for user files is exactly the same as the Beamdog direct purchase version, namely, Neverwinter Nights in Documents.

Thanks for that.

Still need to know what the registry entry is so that I can detect whether or not it is installed as well as the directory structure of the Program Files/GOG Galaxy/Games folder that contains EE.

Might also be interesting to know what registry entries are created for the original NWN edition.

I got that info by asking in the Beamdog forum - had to be raised as a livestream question, though, so it took about a week to get an answer (hello @niv :hamburger::beer:).

Just listened to that section of the livestream and there was no mention of the GOG registry entries. Would be really useful to see the GOG EE directory structure (seems like slightly different root folder names are used) and a copy of someone’s exported GOG.COM registry entry.

Is anyone running GOG EE? If so, please respond here or PM me so I can get the information I need to provide support via NIT.

Sorry if I ask here, but I didn’t want to open a topic just for that: do you know whether is possibile to install both GOG Diamond and Enhanced Edition on the same PC?

I have Diamond edition (CD) and EE (purchased direct from Beamdog) running on the same PC, no problem at all.

You’d just need to install GOG Diamond Edition and GOG EE to different folders, changing the defaults if necessary.

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I did that and I didn’t experience any issues with it. The folders are named differently, and the GOG EE uses the Documents folder for overrides, .ini files, hakpaks and stuff, while the Diamond Edition just keeps all that in the game’s directory, so the separate installations don’t interfere with each other.

I am. I’m not that tech savvy, but if you give me detailed instructions for what you need and how to get the info across to you, I can try to help.

Btw, I tried NIT, but felt a bit overwhelmed with the questions asked on running it the first time, and then I wasn’t sure whether NIT can recognize that I have both Diamond and EE installed and whether that could cause problems, so I haven’t really used it since then.


Many thanks for the offer. Here are some instructions for the Registry information I am after…

  1. Click the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Type regedit.exe and click the regedit.exe (Run command) entry that is displayed.
  3. Answer Yes to Allow this app to make changes (you won’t be making any changes).
  4. Delete Computer in the box below File in the menu line
  5. Paste Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\GOG.com into the box and press the Enter key.
  6. Right-click GOG.com and select Export.
  7. Navigate to your Documents folder, type in a file name (eg GOGreg) and click Save.
  8. Close the Registry Editor.

You can now Right-Click the file you saved and Open with… Notepad. You can then copy and paste the all the text into a post or PM for me.

Let me know if you need any help with the above.

Thanks for this feedback. I would very much like to hear what you found overwhelming (ie specific messages) so I can see if I can make it less of a problem for new users. Feel free to PM me with details.

You can use the Help’s “Run the Installer Tool for the first time” section to see what messages are displayed. You can open the Help using the Windows Start Menu…

NIT supports multiple NWN installations by using separate “Profiles” for each installation. This allows you to switch NWN Editions by changing the Profile you want to use. The Help has information about working with Profiles.

I have now got the information I needed - many thanks.


Well, this is all I wanted to know, thanks !!!