Good raven model for NWN2?

Hello. Can anyone share a good animated raven/crow model prepared for toolset and ingame use? Like default bat model for example.

If you need as a placed effect then there is a raven vfx. If you need it as playable/familiar kind of thing then I understood wrong :sweat_smile: and I have no clue.

I believe the raven f/x is using an animated model. But you would need more than just those animations.

I know about vfx but it’s ugly. I need familiar.

You could pick the bat creature, import it to blender and edit the model, a raven shouldn’t be difficult to make.

I’m not a modeller. I need a ready-to-use model.

None is available.

If anyone is interested, one Russian modder, a friend of mine, is going to release soon such a model. The link to her announcement post:

The preview:


Yes. She did this in response to my request.

I’m aware of that. My post was addressed not to you, but to everyone else here :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, my that is Beautiful. :star_struck:

That’s a really high quality raven model right there!

The model is now available here (registration needed):

The direct link:

Note from the author: if you need a tintable version of this model:

  1. Open the *.mdb file with MDBCloner or MDBConfig.
  2. Replace with
  3. Add as the tint map.

Some screenshots: