Good Time for RP server

Hey quick question for everyone, looking for opinions obviously.

I am going to play a server that will have a significant RP quality and be DM’d. It’s an exclusive server for me and some friends. Nearly all of the RP will take place in the chat window rather than through Discord or voice.

What would you say a good “time” is for the server. NWN default is 2 minutes = 1 Hour but that is far too fast for an RP setting where 20 - 30 minutes could pass in the bar talking things out with an NPC but running it real time is also not good because of how that might affect combat. I also have a Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue system running so I will want that to be meaningful but not a “problem”. Again I don’t want players nearly passing out in the bar talking to an NPC either.

I am also not sure what that will do to combat. If I were to make it 20 minutes = 1 Hour does that mean suddenly combat is x10 slower because time effectively runs x10 slower? Or does that just mean that spells will have x10 the standard duration?


Combat should not change much if at all. If there are spells with duration in hours that will change in terms of the number of rounds and minutes that it lasts. The setting you will change is the number of minutes in an hour. There will still be 6 seconds in a round and 10 rounds in a minute.

5 minutes is ideal imo even for an action server

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I use 6, which is close :slight_smile:

so if I pick 6 minutes then a 45 minute RP session would see 7.5 hours pass in game which seems a little excessive but not outrageously so I expect. They would need to rest about once every 4 real world hours which doesn’t chuff me either.

Thanks everyone I will give 6 a try and see if that makes sense.