Got Bored - Decided to Remake Daggerford

Seeing as how I’m stuck using a cellphone hotspot for internet through the summer, I decided to put Project Q away for a couple of months and work on something new…

Daggerford as presented in the old 1e module Under Illefarn


That is epic. Remind us to jam your internet signal more often.

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I thought you meant Darkness Over Daggerford, and was all “Wasn’t it just refurbished a few years ago?”

Just redoing the town map. I found a box in the attic with some old D&D stuff in it - Under Illefarn was sitting on top. After reading through the module, I was inspired to take a stab at converting it to a module. Seems like a good use of my time since working on Q at the moment is moot given my internet connection woes.


Under Illefarn was my cousin & DM’s first turn at sitting behind the screen. It was a chaotic mess, and without a doubt some of the funnest gaming ever.

I look forward to your efforts with nostalgic glee!

Looking down from the hill top

Midway up the switchback

Looking up at the hill top

One of the many wells in the village

The common stables and the Waterman’s Guild House in the distance

The Temple of Lathander

The Duke’s castle