Gras not rendered

Hi all,

anyone ever had the issue that gras is not rendered at all?
Using the latest patch and no one seems to have a similar problem, never even found any related thread in all the forums I searched through.
It seems like whatever setting I choose and which combination of setting I try, I never see any gras at all (in rural tilesets for example).
Tried with mods like Facelift / Verdant Wilderness and so on and of course also without, but nothing changed in this regard.
Also tried with completely initial user folder, verified files in Steam and such.


Well, found the solution by myself after trying thousand and one different things. And it is that easy: just close steam before starting the game via nwmain.exe and gras is working perfectly fine. This is my discussion in the Beamdog forums:

I’m curious to see if the devs will investigate at some point.
Just happy to having found a workaround for now :smiley: