Grenade Thrown VFX

Hi All,

Does anyone know where and how the grenade VFX (grenade being thrown) is played?

I have my own unique item, which allows me to add the thrown animation to the PC, but I cannot find the “grenade” VFX that plays from the PC to the target. ( I thought that just using a grenadelike baseitem would do the trick, but no.)

I will keep looking, but if anybody knows how this is triggered - a 2da link my guess - and what VFX is applied, then all info will be appreciated.

Thanks, Lance.

totally guessing, but it might have something to do with Spells.2da, “ProjModel” -> w_flask

see rows 464+ (grenades)

that is, could well need a custom spellrow …



OK, thanks, I will look along this line and see if I can do what I need.

EDIT: OK, I think you are correct, as I added “Holy Water” as an option to my own item and the animation played for the Holy Water action. and not for my own action (on the same item). Therefore, I will need to add a new spells.2da line to call this VFX for the item. So thanks for finding that!

Cheers, Lance.

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