Group Module Development Technique

I’m developing my own “sandbox” module based off an old DnD adventure. However, I’m wanting to include other people in the project as it will take time and hopefully it’ll be fun for my local group to get involved.
I have public git space to drop the module into, but that the issue I want to people to be able to individually amend files, rather than pass a monolithic module file, which will make merging easier and we can then use a CI tool to do the compilation. But the Aurora Toolset always compiles and cleans up after itself. I would prefer it not do this, so we can finish, commit the files then upload them.
I suppose I could work round this by committing the files before exiting, and overwriting when reopened, but not sure how Aurora will deal with this, I’ve had issues of the module files corrupting in the past (hence the prolific use of committing the module.)
Any advice from anyone?

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I would suggest using nasher from here

Then uploading on GitHub and if private, share it with your team.
A good example is the module The Frozen North