HAK Resource last modified

When I export a resource from a .hak file, it is apparently technically newly created. Is there any way to check the last modified date of an individual resource inside a hak?

No. The erf archive format (which is used for hak and such) does not contain any such information. If it’s your work you can keep it in some sort of revision control so you can compare. But that only helps now if you’ve already set that up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick answer!

You can only get the build date of the HAK file as a whole. Assuming nobody byte-patched the archive, you should be at least certain that any file inside wasn’t modified after that date.

I like to keep the source files in a regular folder, loading them into the hak as required. That way, each file is dated, and the hak can be rebuilt if it gets corrupted. Also, each point release is backed up. I’m sure there are better methods of version control, of course.

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