Hall of Fame Criteria

Maybe we should add a boilerplate message on each module’s project page asking people to vote if they download and play it?

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Maybe something different then “stars” evaluation would be encouraging to gamers - individual poll for each module could be nice, or simple like/don’t like vote.
Frankly, sometimes it’s frustrating and discouraging to see so many downloads/so few responses.

Makes sense. Just a little nudge to get some feedback.

Poll closed.

The outcome of the minimum is a bit mixed with 8 getting the most votes and 8.5 or 9 not far behind. 7 received no votes, so that is clearly out. Probably then 8 is a reasonable score to use.

The biggest uncertainty is with the minimum number of votes. The weighted average of the three biggest scores is probably around 15 votes, which is a challenge but do-able given enough time.

A count of 200 for the minimum downloads was the clear winner with 64% of the votes.

Honestly I doubt a new NWN2 module can achieve all conditions unless:

  • The dl count is not reset when a new version of a file is uploaded.
  • Players are strongly urged and often reminded to vote.

Look, my Al Andalus released after old Vault death topped 12 votes 3 years after release and lost about 200 dl because of updates. Kamal’s Bedine also released after the old Vault death I think, has got 4 votes so far.

Ok after stabilization the dl goal can be reached, but it might take a long while. As for the votes, could be forever …

With all due respect to the voters, the choosen criteria are not really helping NWN2 new creations and modders. Perhaps they are ok for NWN1.

Don’t forget that new modules quickly disappear from the frontpage, especially as NWN1 and NWN2 modules are mixed. The time they leave the frontpage and eventually get hall of famed, they are almost invisible.

More than a Hall of Fame reward, my concern is visibility.