Has anyone had problems with the Select Character?


Just curious. Today I ran into an odd problem. I could not start a New Campaign with a previously made character (when I pressed the button “Select Character” the game would crash). I emptied the override and the game continued to crash. I then uninstalled and re-installed and the game crashed. Finally I emptied the local vault except for one character and was able to get to and select the character. Has anyone ever run into this?



It’s because one of your saved characters uses some custom race and/or class and the game can’t load info for it (them). Place appropriate versions of racialtypes.2da / racialsubtypes.2da / classes.2da into your override folder (hak pack may work too if the module in question overwrites these files).

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Just out of curiosity which campaign was this issue in. I have never ran into this problem yet.



Thanks. I went through all of the local vault and discovered the same thing. It was a PC from the Conan modules,so I pulled him out and all was good. I just found it strange that a “corrupt” ( for lack of a better word) would cause the whole game to crash.

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Conan. I had not played it before so was also unaware of the problem.

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I experienced the same problem caused by the same modules some years ago. IIRC the author did include a warning about removing his custom content before playing other modules but I don’t think he mentioned or even knew about removing the character files as well.



Thank you for the info Sawdust.

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