Has the Quality Fantasy Portrait Pack been removed?

From the title ^ I loaded up my game today, and the portrait from that pack was replaced by the default portrait from the game. It’s fine if so–I will just set up another portrait. I just wanted to check.

But yes, to explain the game behavior, I was silly and had installed it from steam. I have to remind myself to not do that again.

I sent a PM to Phenomen to ask about this - gone from Steam, too.



Same here, arg

Noticed this in the logs too. User removed the content earlier today - no reason given.


At this stage, I am tempted to explain it through the current trends of Nexus preventing removal of mods. Maybe the mod author doesn’t want their work to be included in compilations that can’t be taken down.

The author is no longer responding to communications from the Vault.

All we can say on the publically-available evidence is that the work has been taken down by the author.

Anything else is idle speculation.

If anyone’s module is broken as a consequence, let me know.