Have you tried Harper Agent?

I designed a character with Cleric 1, Wizard 1 and Ranger 4. Then I took a level of Harper Agent. I knew HA was supposed to be weak, but I like the philosophy behind the class. I usually always play mostly Ranger anyway - I like smart, highly skilled, agile characters even if they are not the most powerful fighters.

When I took my first level of Harper Agent it offered me my choice of one of three spell-casting classes to continue as I was expecting. I chose the wizard class as I wanted to share scrolls with Amie to increase her spell portfolio. I use a checklist to keep track, and not train in scrolls I can purchase. (I always feel challenged to try to complete her spell collection.)

As I took my HA levels, I expected to receive two spells per level as I would have as a Wizard. Instead I received seven or eight spells per level. It seems HA is a bit more powerful than I anticipated. Has anyone else run into this, or did I just happen to have a “happy glitch”?

We have similar tastes in character builds it seems. I’ve only tried HA once or twice but I don’t recall hitting that particular glitch. Sounds ‘interesting’. :wink:

Should be easy to test for in a character building module like the FRW character creator.

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It also can be tested on Vordan’s Character creater. They are both good for that.:four_leaf_clover: