Having an issue with some older user created mods

When I play some modiules, usually newer ones, and obtain unique weapons or armor and try to play some other, older mods this issue arrises. Some weapons/armor appear as loot bags when equipped. For example a dagger in inventory looks normal, but when I equip the dagger with my character it looks like he is holding a loot bag. Does anyone know what may be causing this and/or a fix for it ?

thank you !!

Module specific custom content is generally not portable to other modules. The other modules would need the same hak contents. In some cases you may be able to extract the specific content and put it in override. That would be on a case by case basis.

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ahh, ok…that makes sense…thank you !!

You should download the mod that expands crafting conversation with appearance changing of items etc.
Then you would be able to change the looks of items when netering a new module that does not support those models.
Forgot the name.

I think Customise Character Override may be wort looking at.


thanks for the info everyone…I will try that!! :grinning: