Having My Cake and Eating it, too

Greetings and salutations my friends,

Has anyone had any luck getting zwerkules’ bio-interiors facelift hak to play nicely with cep2_ext_tiles.hak from CEP ? I thought I had it working, but then it began to corrupt my module in various ways. I’m certain that it has to do with the tin.set file from each hak, and the tin01.edge file from each, but I have little knowledge or experience in determining how they should be merged or even if a merger is possible. It seems possible, at least from a philosophical sense, to get both of these versions of city interiors to play nicely together, or am I high apple pie in the sky?

You can’t combine the two. Even if you were to add all the extra tiles from one .set-file and .itp-file to the other, adjusting all the tile numbering and so on, the tiles would still not match because of the missing ceilings in the CEP. I’m sure there is a tutorial about copying tiles and tilegroups from one tileset to another, but this would only help you if you wanted to copy whole tile groups that have no ceilings and be fine with that.

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I was afraid that was the case. So, if I can’t combine them, there should still be a way that they can co-exist in semi-peaceful harmony. With bio-mines and bio-rural/forests, those are right out the window. Those are hard crashes (mostly index out of bounds, etc.) But I have had some limited success with bio-interiors. I’m just not sure why. I think in the long term view, it would make sense to replace any areas made with cep2_extended tiles and phase the cep2 tilesets gradually from the module (not an easy task with 478 areas).

Thank you, Master Zwerkules, for your insights.

The crashes you mention can only happen if the overrides overwrite the .set-file from the CEP which has more tiles than the vanilla tilesets and the overrides. This can only happen if you add the override haks directly to the module with a higher priority than the CEP tileset addons. A patch hak can’t override any haks used by a module.
If you give the overrides a lower priority than the CEP you won’t have any crashes and you’ll get the textures from the overrides and some of the extra geometry like roofs/ceilings for those tiles that CEP doesn’t override.
It should work just fine for rural, forest and snow. All you’ll lose are the changes made to the 3d grass that is rendered on the ground and the water.

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