Having Trouble with an Effect

Okay, I’m having trouble with the VFX_IMP_SLEEP effect working on placeables with the Zep_tags and blueprint_res_ref. the audio works fine, but the floating zzzz’s don’t appear. Is there away around this? I’m committed to the placeables because of their appearance type. the aforementioned effect works fine on standard placeables of a similar type. Any advice, as always, greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Have you tried applying the VFX to an invisible object at the same location as the ZEP asset?

That’s a stock solution when placeables misbehave.

I can’t be sure in this case, but custom placeables often have missing or misplaced nodes.

Thanks Pro for the reply, and yes the invisible object was my first recourse to achieve the effect. I was hoping that someone might know of a way where I didn’t have go the Invisible Object route.