HD Art Pack - 2DA changes

Relative to 8193.31, changes in the new HD Art Pack are


  • line 3 (Halfling) WEAPONSCALE reduced from 0.8 to 0.75


  • MODEL number has changed on almost every line


  • ACBONUS has changed on lines 7-8 (presumably affects nothing except the order in which parts are presented in the toolset)
  • ACBONUS changed from **** to 0.00 on lines 10-14 (implying new parts?)


  • ACBONUS changed from **** to 0.00 on lines 7 and 99


  • no change :open_mouth:

Since HD Art Pack may be incompatible with custom modules, I strongly suggest that popular haks like CEP should not adopt these 2DA changes (or provide an optional plug-in for players who insist on using the HD Art Pack).

It seems that the HD Art Pack is meant to be installed in ovr, which begs the question of how Beamdog will manage changes to these 2DAs if the base game requires it.


So far I found Good things in the pack, but there are lot of alignment issues with custom content.

The main issue is that it works like an ovr… A hak+patch way could have been more sympathetic