HD Art Pack released by Beamdog

See announcement.

Caveat - Installer warns that the pack may not be compatible with custom modules, which early comments seem to confirm.

Not compatible with the toolset, either, it seems. For example, if you open the Adventurer’s Robe item in a module without custom content:
adventurers robe

I’m seeing a wider range of similar issues in modules with custom content, such as black neck, head misaligned, etc.

I also notice “head rolling off when changing clothes with a bow equipped” for some clothing items, though that may be an 8193.31 issue, as it still happens when the art pack is removed. EDIT - confirmed, happens in a vanilla module, reported to Beamdog.

I imagine Beamdog regard custom content as unsupported, so rather than document everything, I will uninstall the HD Art Pack for now, and advise players to do the same.

Seems like it’s teething problems atm. Has anyone reported these problems to BD? Also is it currently steam only?


You can download it from https://files.beamdog.com/. I downloaded the zip and used NIT to do the install (and uninstall).

Problems reported. The link I posted takes you to the Beamdog link which is not Steam only.


It’s shame cause the armor parts and Robes look good

Hehehe more things to deconstruct. I got several sets of armor parts from chopping up the new aribeth model alone. This will be interesting.

That robe in the screenshot is going to make a nice shirt

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I’ve seen three issues. Bill Harper on Discord is aware of them, but bugging them for a future patch is helpful - like the robe issue Proleric posted - and I found a female human head that has her eye where her ear should be. Bugging it will help iron out these.

Otherwise, it’s a great step forward.


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Brings a new meaning to “seen and not heard” :smiley_cat:



So after some digging around, the above image I posted is from using TheBarbarian’s Heads. This hakpak overrides stock NWN heads with updated ones - exactly what the HD Texture Pack does - so it ends up messing the heads up.


If you like using TheBarbarian’s heads, do not use the HD Texture Pack.


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Hopefully not a stupid question coming up . . .

Downloaded the pack today to have a look. It decompresses into a folder called “OVR” which, I’m assuming ,means they go in the Override folder. Because I’m on a Mac there is no installer and it just says

All OSs
" Installation: Download and extract into your existing Neverwinter Nights install folder."

So I just lump the whole lot into my Override folder (after colour tagging them of course so they can all be removed swiftly if needed ) ! And this will result in the updated models being used whenever I choose any module that uses the originals ( bit like the facelift tile sets)?

Finally, if the above is correct, what is the easiest way to have a look at some of these updated models? Would it be to open the OC again or create a new clean module and, if the latter, how do I know what to choose that’ll be updated against the other models that won’t? I can’t see a list of updated ones.

Btw, @Fester_Pot , is it just me or does that pic not look like a really good new race with eyes on the sides of their heads ?

I believe it needs (or is designed) to go in the OVR folder in your NWN Installation directory (rather than the override folder in your user file directory).

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Thanks. Is that REPLACES the one in the NWN installation directory or added to it?

All that is in it at the moment is below

Just copy to the OVR folder to add the HDR Pack contents.

Thanks again. Done that and opened the OC again. Looks pretty good. Halls of justice and Tomi. Not hit any issues yet but only 10 minutes of mucking about although something is going on with Tomi’s shadow I think.

Is c/games/neverwinternights the correct path? That is what the installer has for the install path but there is nothing there.

It will be where your Library is (eg D:\BeamdogLibrary\00785\ovr).

If you’re using the official .exe installer, select the game library folder e.g. C:\Users\username\Beamdog Library\00785.

The installer will find or create the \ovr subfolder there.

Thanks. I thought that was where it went but the default path made me doubt it.

I am not sure how I feel about the new pc heads. I am so use to the old heads it is hard to like the new ones.

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