Head problems (RESOLVED)


I spent two whole days working on heads (well renumbering heads I added to my hak…some overrides).

In the creating the PC’s they look great. As a PC ingame they are great!!!

But dammit…in the toolset and placing them as NPC’s the majority of the heads (65%) of them have this stupid gold look to them like below. What the hades is going on???

And in checking some heads on my NPCs…I find this BS too. The NPC looks the same…but blank appearance info…WTH!!! All I did was muck around with heads…not body parts.

Long shot, but worth a test if you haven’t yet.
for your first problem, check if the head’s *.mdl are compressed one.
If not, do it manually with nwnmdlcomp.exe. (use the EE version if you’re on it. can’t remember where to find it but I can give it to you if needed)
Back up your hak and use the compiled versions of your heads for a try.

For your second problem… I’ve seen this before, but can’t remember what was the issue… Hope I’ll do.
I’ll let you know if I remember.

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I downloaded it and extracted the .exe.

It won’t execute or I’m doing something wrong. I use NWN:EE anyways. If I send you my hak with the heads could you take a look at them?

Yes, I can take a look.

I’ll send you a PM and give you my email then you give me yours and I’ll send you a link to my onedrive where you can download the hak. Thanks

Have you read the readme? nwnmdlcomp is a command line program. You can’t start it with a double click.

I did do the double click on the .exe…nothing

You really should read the readme (or the description on the download page).

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Will do. Thanks

Thanks to Arlhan this has been resolved.

It was simply that I did not know that one had to also go into the notepad of the mdl and change the mdl number to reflect the naming convention of the mdl and plt. I had no idea you had to do that.

He also showed me how to do that. He was gracious enough to “decompile” the heads so I could access the notepad to make the changes. Long work ahead of me. had no idea how much work this was going to be as I did all 255 heads for each race…

I appreciate you all teaching me this stuff and your patience. This is resolved. Hopefully someone can benefit from this thread too if they have the same issue.

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AND…the bottom pic issue where I can’t see the info on the appearance…it too is resolved.

I had one of the combat animations on the pheno…that’s why.