Head Range Numbers & Conventions

My apologies if this exists somewhere, but unfortunately I’ve not been able to find it in my searches. What is the general accepted ranges for custom heads for player characters, what are the rules to which they must obey for inclusion, what ranges are blocked out, and what is the maximum range for player characters for head choices when creating/adding custom content, and has that number – whatever it may be – changed with EE?


If nobody has an answer, maybe we should try to find out some answers?

I could have sworn there was tutorial for it somewhere. For as many head models that have been uploaded to the Vault…

I found this.

Not sure if it’s up-to-date for EE, but otherwise @TheBarbarian seems to have nailed it. The rest of the thread has some interesting insights, too.

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As of EE patch 35, heads can now go over 255. During chargen a break in models will stop the progression into NPC only heads. Toolset loads every available head model.

Note, you can also now replace all those silly “helmet” heads if you want.

So, to summarize:

For Diamond/1.69:

  • Max Range = 255
  • Heads 50-99 are helmets (blocked out from chargen iirc)
  • Heads 100-255 are NPC only heads

For EE 35 or above:

  • Max Range = Unlimited
  • Heads 50-99 are no longer blocked and can be used as PC heads
  • If you want NPC only heads, you need a break in the sequence numbering

Ah, there’s something.

Head range for all races per gender: 255
Blocked out ranges: 50-99
Gaps in numbering result in reverting back to 1st head (character creation).

Hmmm, that post was from about 6 years ago, so I wonder if EE has brought any changes for Heads?

I thought I recalled there being some other blocked out ranges, but I might be thinking of something else.

I did notice I have a whole slew of heads in the 50-99 range in the toolset, but maybe those are NPC? Not sure what makes them blocked out, or why even bother blocking any range for that matter. Seems rather artbitrary.

Anyway, I am seeking all wisdom regarding head model range and inclusion rules. Thank you, as always.


Edit: Doh, @Pstemarie ninja’ed me! Now that is very useful info. I need to look into this more deeply and return.

Range 50-99 was blocked out pre-EE because they originally implemented helmets in that range. The helmets were later converted to a separate model.

EDIT - and for those new to the wonderful world of NWN heads, they are specific to race and gender. Its also fine if different ranges are used for different races/genders (e.g human male 001-062 and dwarf male 001-024).

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Yes, it’s all starting to make sense now. There’s all of this old institutional knowledge, and sometimes there’s so much of it one can’t possibly keep it all stuffed inside the old cranium.

Are there still different ranges for the different races?

Yeah, they’ve made a lot of changes to phenotype parts and I’m pretty sure there is more to come. I know the Devs have been looking at removing the need for separate robe and cloak models for each phenotype and having them just inherit from the base pheno listed in the 2da.

Yes, races still can have their own head ranges. That hasn’t been changed.

Now that would be really useful, even if they can’t fix the couple of long coat robes in 1.69 that are rigged in a more sophisticated way.

So, in summary, for EE head purposes, the following should apply:

  • No Range Limit (though something still tells me there’s a hard cap somewhere)
  • No Blocked Ranges
  • Applies to all races and all genders
  • And for NPC heads, just a break in numbering will make the following heads NPC only.

I wonder about the last, because I surely have breaks in nearly all of my head appearances, and yet still show up for player heads (though not at character creation, which may be the rub).

And now I wonder, how, exactly does the cepheadmodel.2da play into all of this when one is using CEP2.70 and EE?