Head texture: doesnt work

Hello again! I have big problem with this head texture. I can see the texture quite well on the toolset/game, but I cant change hairs/skin colors…

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

More infos I discovered:
Leather 1 is hairs
Leather 2 is lips
Cloth 1 is skin
Cloth 2 is the first eye
Metal 1 is the second eye
Metal 2 is the white part of both eyes

Unusual… heads are normally keyed to skin / hair / tattoo 1 &2, though .plt allows them to be keyed to clothing colours, too, for example the hats on a few official heads.

Presumably, you can adjust the colours in this head indirectly by changing the colours of their clothing?

Exact! By changing the colours of the clothing/armors the head changes, too.

If you have the PLT editor, you can simply change the texture’s channels, for example, swap Cloth1 over to Skin, etc, and then the head will act in the normal way.


It works fine!

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Useful thing, the old PLT editor… almost as useful as hitting things with Big Bricks.