Heads Up - New stable version of Gimp


Version 2.10.0 is released. Look here for details. Be aware some plugins don’t work with it apparently (BIMP, Insane BMP). It looks both different and the same. Works better in win 10.

Official release notes are here.



Yes, I too am concerned about whether some useful plug-ins will work, such as normalmap and DDS. Think I’ll hold off until their plug-in pages say they support 2.10.


Having now tested it the Gimp plt plugin doesn’t work. Nor does BIMP or InsaneBump. I suspect it is probably that as I now have a 64 bit version that those 3 plugins are 32 bit. There is a standalone alternative to InsaneBump (AwesomeBump) but it is a lot more complicated.



Does it still have that compatibility mode with 32bit plug-ins? It was enabled by default in the 2.8 version. Maybe it’s still there, only deactivated.

@Tarot_Redhand Are you referring to the DLA plt plugin or the one I wrote? I haven’t tested mine yet with Gimp 2.10.


Looks like its the dla one. Last modified 2004. I could have sworn I updated to yours. Trying your 64 bit version now.



OK, after a lot of hunting around I eventually found the right folder (it’s under lib not share) and the win 64 bit version works fine. Dragged and dropped a plt into new gimp which opened fine.

This is the full path for the plugins - C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins



Ah, good, thank you.

The DDS plugin has 64bit versions, so hopefully it will still work. The sources are available too, so it can be fixed should it cease to work.


@Symmetric Have you got a link to the dds plugin? I can’t find it to download.

Also as I say it appears the plugin directory may have changed to being in lib and not share.




Seems I have an old development build installed, it has a couple of issues. I’ll need to upgrade. Yes, they changed the plugin-directory it seems.


DDS plugin doesn’t throw any errors on opening gimp. Didn’t actually try it on a dds file but for now I’ll assume that means it works :grinning:



There is now an even newer version that goes from 2.10.0 to 2.10.8. With this new version both Bimp and Insane Bump work again (they both stopped working with the arrival of the previous version). Also the clothify filter is restored).



Thanks for the heads up :+1:

I hope this version won’t crash so often.
The last “crash-less” version for me was 2.8.