Healer's Kits

I’ve been trying to find the code that controls how the heal skill and healer’s kits interact with each other and I just can’t find it.

If it’s in nw_i0_spells.nss it’s hiding pretty well from me. There’s a HealersKit entry in spells.2da, but that one’s dummied out. itempropdefs.2da and itemprop.2da are also dead ends.

Is heal (as an active skill) even modable?

As most of the things left from NWN1, this one is hardcoded. But it’s not a big deal. You can create new blueprints for kits, make them cast a unique power when activating them and attach your own script for it using tag-based scripting.

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Which is what I’m doing, I was just hoping to hook it into the context menus without editing the UI. Oh well.

Thanks for the info.