Healing using a mouse or keyboard key

Is there anything available that can be set up to heal using a mouse or a keyboard key?

I wouldn’t be surprised if @Lance_Botelle had something like that. Otherwise, I don’t know.

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I do not understand the question.
What does healing mean? Healing how?
With a spell? By drinking a potion? With the healer’s bag?

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unfortunately we don’t get any access to modding mouse/keyboard hardware input …

so I think you’d have to work up a GUI with commands/scripts to run … GUIs give us OnClick at least



The only way that would work is to intercept an existing game GUI call.

I did consider doing something for my campaign, but it has to be done right, or it can break the balance of the game. ← I know this is subjective. :slight_smile:

For example, taking a potion to heal should be an action (taking a round six seconds and provoking attacks) rather than an immediate response. That said, I do still like an idea I had for a special item that can respond immediately on a mouse or keyboard click.

Basically, as an example from my own campaign setup, I currently close any area map when combat starts. The idea I have is to intercept any “M” call (that would normally open the map) during any combat to do something different instead - like, as you suggest, do a heal or some other event. EDIT: I have the default “M” assigned to my fourth mouse button, which means I currently open my map with a mouse button click. This same button would effectively do anything else I want it to if I intercept that call under different conditional checks, like when in combat.

So, bottom line, yes, it can be done, but, for me, I am still considering the ramifications in game. :grinning:


That’s actually a very good question. How exactly do you mean, @Adamos ?


I think @Adamos means much like an “action” version of a game. A bit like an immediate response to either right-clicking a mouse button or pressing a keyboard button, and bypassing any 6 second round, which I refer to in my above post. I’m sure they will correct me if I have misunderstood.

One could, if so desired, write a script that searched through ones healing items and effectively immediately used this item by a mouse click. As I say above, this requires more consideration to introduce though.

It sounds as though the OP wants an immediate heal in contrast to the normal behaviour which is to do it when the next combat round comes around (for reasons of balance).
Mechanically, it would be possible to make an insta-heal script which is activated by one of the Player Feat actions and then give that feat to any players who qualify. They could quick-slot it to make it almost instantly apply. However the same thing could probably be accomplished by a heal spell with a combination of feats for quicken, silent and still spell. It would also be within “Da Rulez.”