[Help] Adding Custom Items to OC Treasure Generation


I’m making a module and am looking to have some custom items I’ve made drop as loot. I’ve added my items to the random generators in nw_o2_coninclude. I know I’m going to have to recompile some scripts to get my items to drop in game and was wondering which scripts that include nw_o2_coninclude are needed for custom modules.

My text-string search for #include “nw_o2_coninclude” revealed 35 scripts. I’m pretty sure most of the scripts identified are campaign specific.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I’m not interested in the scripts used for SoU or HotU or any custom treasure systems.

Sounds like you have the correct list of scripts already - there are exactly 35, excluding nw_o2_coninclude itself (which doesn’t need to be recompiled, of course).

Right but which ones are imperatives (used in toolset resources). So far, I’ve identified these ones as being used in toolset resources:


I skipped nw_c2_herbivore as the line GenerateNPCTreasure() is commented out. I also skipped x0_i0_treasure as that’s for SoU’s treasure system.

I imagine it would be a lot quicker to recompile all 35 than determine which ones are used by toolset resources.

In theory, you could write a moneo script to discover instances in templates, and use a text editor to find references in other scripts, but it would be a huge effort.

I’m no expert on treasure systems, but, more generally, the scripts you see in the toolset generally might well be used by toolset resources. For example, the newer creatures tend to use x0 or x2 scripts rather than nw.

The OC-specific scripts tend to be in the NWM modules, not the toolset.

Of course, it is entirely possible that some of the toolset scripts are not used by any toolset resources, but then compiling them can’t do any harm.

So, I did a textstring search looking for “nw_o2_coninclude” and “x0_i0_treasure” (as that calls the original treasure include) and came up with a total of 86 scripts between the two. That seems like an awful lot of clutter in my module. Maybe I need to rethink not using a custom system.