Help, can someone give me 2 haks: 1.: sdjexteriors.hak, and 2.: trinity placeable.hak


Need for my module 2 NWN2 haks.

1.: sdjexteriors.hak, broken file, in .rar archive in this link:
2.: trinity placeable.hak, can’t found…

Maybe someone had save this files on PC, and can reuploading?

Thanks in advance.

Already fixed the sdjExteriors problem. The rar was borked and only 1meg in size when it should have been 2.3 meg. Got the original one out of rolovault.

The Trinity placeables hak is already on here.


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Tarot_Redhand, thanks for trying help(Twice), but i had saw befor this link, and had tested all files in this link::

This archive have only: .dds, .mdb ,.utp, .tga files, but not .hak, still need only this last one file, for work…

Even after update\reupload, and, in first testing, and even now, after reupload\updating this archive still not have: trinity placeable.hak for open module by directory:

Sorry my bad english.

I was waiting for an NwN2 person to jump in here. I have my suspicion that you will need to create your own hak using those files but as I am a NwN 1 user I don’t know for 100% sure. Can an NwN2 person confirm this please. If so can you also tell how you go about this in NwN2.


I see.
Thanks for the answer, i will testing it in free time(Maybe)… Anyway if even i not got lucky with combine all files in one file-hak from Trinity - Custom Placeables Pack, will just ignore this problem(Skip), and, anyway if even i not got lucky for open this only one hak in this current module, anyway, all another haks in this module anyway working even without trinity placeable.hak , on 99%.

So, if i not will get how make hak with this all files(How combine all files in one hak) from Trinity - Custom Placeables Pack, i just will adds and using this files in others-different categories, like nwn2 data- models, materials, etc or in override folder, for my modules… And i will just ignore(Skip) this problem(On the my screenshoot). For me it not principial… I have many another good, working: haks, files, expansions, models, scripts, etc, from many, good, smart authors, for using them in own modules…(For making modules\for work)

Anyway, thanks for your answers.

I assume you’re working with the orient city module. A work around would be just to get rid of the Trinity hak, since it is not focused on the oriental stuff. The sdjexteriors link is fixed I think.

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