[Help] Exporting .mdl from NeverBlender

Hi all! I’m new to the custom content community and to using Blender and have hit a wall with my NWN project. I created a model in Blender that I’m trying to export as a .mdl using NeverBlender, but it doesn’t seem to work. The add-on is installed correctly and the versions match, but when I try to export anything as an .mdl nothing happens. If anyone can help me figure out why that is, or point me to a more official source of NeverBlender assistance (I couldn’t find anything through Google or Reddit) it would be massively appreciated.

I apologize for the noobiness and I look forward to honing my skills and getting to know more of you fantastic custom content creators!

You need an aurora base connect to your model.


Thank you! That was immensely helpful. I’m still struggling to finalize textures and import into the toolset, but, I’ll keep looking for tutorials! :slight_smile:

If you need more help, post here / BD forums or come on the vault discord where there is a CC channel.